1. Tagteen

“Tagteen” is a Unique, Invitation only Social Platform for Like-Minded Teens.

2. Verification

a. How do I become a Verified/Permanent Member of tagteen?

Unless you have downloaded and installed the app through a tag offer from a friend who knows you, you will enter the application as an Unverified Member. You have 7 days to verify your identity and prove that your age is between 13 - 23 years of age. There are several ways to verify your identity.

● Search and send a friend request to someone you know who is a permanent member in tagteen. Upon acceptance of that friend request you become a permanent member and a friend of that person.

● If you are unable to find anyone in tagteen, You will get a phone call from one of our friendly members within 24 hours of your registration. They will ask you the relevant questions to prove your identity. If we are not happy we might ask you to send us a photo with instructions. Do not worry as it is as much our responsibility as it is yours to verify you and make you a part of the community.

b. What happens If I am unable to verify my identity?

You have 7 days to verify your identity, or your account with tagteen would lapse. You need to re-register and earn another 7 days to fulfill the verification requirements.

c. What am I allowed to do as an Unverified Member?

As a Unverified member your privileges are limited. Your account is in “View Only” status, where you can only access the public features like “teenfeed” articles according to your hobbies/interests/passion and “Showroom” videos posted by the verified tagteen members. You will not be allowed to post, like, comment, share, chat with anyone until your account is verified. You can search for and send friend requests to your verified friends

3. Account

a. How do I create a tagteen account?

Download the tagteen app from Google Play store. Once it is downloaded, either you open it from Play store or click the tag icon installed in your phone and open it. Fill in all personal information including contact details to get a Unique tag no.

b. How do I change my profile information?

To update your profile information, including your username and the email address associated with your account:

● Go to your profile, which is the icon placed in the right bottom corner of your app.

● Tap the Edit Icon placed near your profile photo

● After you make all changes, do not forget to click the UPDATE button to save all your changes.

c. I can neither log in nor have I received a verification code?

We suggest that you exit the app and relaunch it. Or you can switch your network connection from Wi-Fi to data. If you are still unable to receive the verification code, you can send a screenshot of that page with your phone number to admin@tagteen.in for us to help.

d. How do I deactivate and/or delete my account?

If for any reason you do not want to use tagteen anymore, we would recommend you temporarily disable your account through Deactivation, where your profile, photos, supporters, friends, videos, comments and likes will be hidden until you reactivate it by logging back in. To deactivate your account,

● Go to your profile, which is the icon placed in the right bottom corner of your app.

● Tap the settings icon near your profile photo

● Then go to Manage Account, one of the options there is deactivation. For security reasons, You need to re-enter your password before you deactivate.

We strongly DO NOT recommend deleting your account, as once it’s done it will permanently remove all your photos, videos, supporters, friend’s and their details. For security reasons, you need to re-enter your password before you delete your account.>

4. Send a tag offer

a. How and Why do I send a tag?

Tagteen is more fun and exciting with all your friends on it. “tag+” is a feature where, you send a tag offer to your friends who are not on tagteen to come and join with you as a friend.

You will find a tag+ icon in the top right corner of your home screen.

Only a verified member can send a tag offer to their friends. When you send a tag offer you are not only letting someone download the app and enter tagteen but you are approving and verifying their identity as well. Please make sure you only send a tag offer to someone of your age or between 13-23 years of age. No outsiders (younger than 13 and older than 23) are allowed, so it’s your responsibility to make sure you are NOT sending the tag offer to an unknown or ineligible person. Once clicked a pop up box would open up, where you need to punch in the mobile number of your friend. Your friend will get a text with your name, app details and a link to the Play Store. Once downloaded they need to register using the same phone number and they will automatically be verified by us and will become your friend and a part of the unique tagteen community.

5. Friend Requests

a. How do I send a friend request?

Search for any verified member on tagteen by clicking on the search icon on the top right side of your application. You can search by their name, email, phone number, school name and interest. Once you find them, you can go to their profile and click on “tag me”. A request will be sent to that person awaiting their action.

6. Rewards

a. How and Why do I get rewards from tagteen?

At tagteen, we believe in promoting, rewarding, encouraging and supporting our users. We reward you short term and long term on the basis of your engagement with the App, and also based on whatever talent you possess. It could be as simple as just using the app everyday for chatting, posting selfies or clippies, browsing videos and articles etc. At the same time, you can unleash your inner talent on our Showroom or teenfeed platform and get recognised and rewarded. Winners are selected at the sole discretion of the tagteen rewards team and the rewards are delivered to the educational institution you are studying from. If you are not studying then it will be posted to an address convenient to you.

7. Showroom

a. What is Showroom?

Do you have a Talent??

Can you sing, dance, study, play, do magic, juggle or do anything you are talented. Then let us give you “Showroom”. It’s a platform, where you can unleash your star potential.Simply Post a Video of your talent, let your friends, supporters and the whole tagteen community like it and be famous.
If you have the talent then we have the platform and support to make your dreams come true

We only allow talent related videos in Showroom.Please do not post irrelevant videos as they would be removed by our team.

8. Teenfeed

a. What is teenfeed?

At tagteen, via teenfeed we empower and educate you with informative and entertaining articles. The articles are based around your interests and passion to help you be what you want to be. Teenfeed is not just limited to just accessing relevant articles, you can also write articles (coming soon) in the areas that might interest you and let others read them and get benefitted by them.

b. What If I want to write articles for/on behalf of the company?

If you love writing and have written articles in teenfeed, we would love to have you in our team and write on behalf of tagteen. Just drop us an email with your credentials, we will get back to you as soon as possible.

9. Live Stories

Live Stories is a Real timeSelfie Share with your friends.Live Stories is a unique way of expressing yourself and sharing your status, as it only lets you capture or record your Live moments and does not allow you to upload anything from the past from your phone gallery. Now you can share with your friends your true Live status (what you are currently doing) without having to stream live. It also lets you take a Clippie (a maximum 10sec Selfie Video) to let your friends know your current status through a video. Your Friends and Supporters can like your status awarding you the “Selfie King” or “Selfie Queen” everyday. Your Selfies andClippies are available only for 24hrs to be accessed by your friends.

10. Tagteen Rockstar

The purpose of tagteen is to give the teens a voice and a platform to express their opinion, showcase their talents and fulfill their dreams globally. Periodically we choose someone in our platform with immense talent and reward and support them to fullfill their dreams. You could be very studious or a singer, dancer. magician, writer, biker, photographer, sportsperson, model, actor, entrepreneurs, beautician, cook etc, you have an opportunity to become a tagteen rockstar.

When you become a rockstar, we will not only make you famous but also help and support you achieve your goals. We will be there with you every step of the way.

Just post videos to show off your talent and you could be the next tagteen rockstar. Don’t wait for someone else to do it for you, Post a video. Show the world what you’ve got and you could be the next tagteen rockstrar.

11. Sharing on tagteen

a. Tagteen doesn’t allow me to share anything on other social media apps

“What happens in tagteen, stays in tagteen”

We are an exclusive platform, where you make the rules and you live it in your own way.